Our mission is to improve the lives of those living with muscular dystrophy.



Nothing great has ever happened without someone first believing it was possible. The National Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Conference is a program and project of the Speak Foundation - a registered 501c3 since 2008.  We are at a pivotal moment for LGMD treatments and it will take all of us together supporting efforts to find cures for every form.  In 2006, our Founder, Kathryn Bryant, was diagnosed with LGMD 2i.  At that time, there was a blank space for adult patients with muscular dystrophy and very few resources. The Speak Foundation began a free yearly conference in Atlanta, Ga to address the need in 2008 for any muscular dystrophy patient. TSF has had 11 conferences thus far. Since 2016, we have focused on creating strategic partnerships with biotech companies interested in LGMD research.  Our LGMD Personal Care Attendant Program, the National LGMD Conference, the LGMD Patient Pipeline and Registry (in development), and our newest project, LGMD Day on the Hill (in conjunction with LGMD Awareness Day), are all ways to unite our entire LGMD patient community to become a unified voice.