Our Team

Kathryn Kathryn Bryant
Founder and National Director
When I was a young child, I was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. I really didn’t know anyone who had this condition and as my muscles began to weaken, I wanted to find others who could understand this disease. I looked for help but couldn’t find any organization dedicated to providing a support system for adults. I didn’t know many people at all until the Speak Foundation began to hold yearly conferences where we could come together and share with one another every summer. Kathryn Bryant is a graduate of the University of Virginia and also attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where she graduated with a dual Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling and Christian Education. She is currently working as a Christian Marriage and Family Counselor and volunteers her time with the Speak Foundation. Kathryn lives with LGMD2i.


JessicaJessica Evans
Assistant Director
Through my own experiences of learning to adjust and adapt to living with a chronic health problem, God has placed a desire on my heart. That desire has been to connect with and serve others who might be facing similar difficulties. When Kathryn Bryant and I crossed paths many years ago, we experienced first-hand how support amongst those living with disabilities can bless and change lives. We hope to offer that same life-enhancing experience to you through The Speak Foundation. Jessica Evans holds a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Immaculata University. Her interest area is adjustment to disability, illness, and injury. Jessica volunteers with TSF and lives with LGMD2a.


Justin Fuhr
Web Developer
Throughout this journey of living with Muscular Dystrophy, there have been ups and downs . When I was diagnosed with LGMD, I decided to ignore the results and continue on with everyday living.  Some of this was denial and I didn’t want to accept the truth.  It wasn’t until I met the great people at The Speak Foundation that I realized I needed to embrace this new life and fight for treatment and a cure.  There are many great people in this community that are doing just that, and I am blessed to call them friends.  Justin currently works in the IT field and wants to use technology to help spread the word about LGMD. Justin volunteers with TSF and lives with LGMD2I.


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