New Personal Care Attendant Program for 2017!

New Personal Care Attendant Program for 2017!

New Personal Care Attendant Program for 2017!

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Another first for The Speak Foundation…

We made an exciting announcement at our 2016 conference in July: the unveiling of our new Personal Care Attendant Program for full-time workers with disabilities in the USA! This is the first time in the USA that a non-profit charity has been able to provide such a program, without government support no less. How are we doing this?

Several years ago, we identified this area of need, because full time workers with disabilities who use a wheelchair and need maximum support for activities of daily living like bathing, dressing, and eating are not provided any personal care help in most states! For those who work full time and do not receive disability, there is literally no support for the majority without severely limiting income. In fact, when individuals express the need for assistance to get to work in the morning, they are told to go on disability by medicaid. However, if you do not work, you can receive this help.

We were provided with a generous donation to begin this test program in 2017.

We will be providing personal care attendant stipends for a small group of eligible workers as an initial test program. There are strict eligibility requirements: USA residency, use of a wheelchair 80% of the day, working 30 hours or more outside of the home, and income limits of $60,000 for individuals and $88,000 for couples. Individuals who are severely affected by Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy (without the ability to dress, bathe, toilet independently) and live alone will receive priority. Other forms of Muscular Dystrophy will be included as funding allows!

Applications and additional info will be released: November 10th.


The Speak Foundation is a nonprofit 501c3 and we do not pay any employees. However, we manage to do ground-breaking work without paying overpriced salaries. The best part? Our charity is run by volunteers with disabilities. We are a patient organization that was the first of it’s kind and we hope to bring about much-needed reform in the nonprofit sector.

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