2015 Conference Highlight: Tools & Solutions for Living with NMD

2015 Conference Highlight: Tools & Solutions for Living with NMD

2015 Conference Highlight: Tools & Solutions for Living with NMD

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Speakies and Anyone Interested in Tools to Make Life Easier!

At the 2015 Speak Foundation Conference, we asked attendees to fill out a questionnaire about their daily activities which they either found difficult to perform or which they have had to give up and would like to resume. After compiling all of the challenging issues, we were able to create a list of the most annoying, troublesome, and difficult activities we experience as a group. After some research and trial, we are able to recommend some products that have been used and tested for usefulness, quality, and durability. You can view a list of these items here: 2015 TSF Questionnaire Results. If you’d like to view photos of these items that provide direct links to websites where you can further investigate or purchase the items, please visit and follow The Speak Foundation on Pinterest! Look for the board named “Tried and True Aids.” Visit it often to see what new tools we have discovered, tested, and recommend as most helpful. Remember, knowledge is power and we can be strong unified in knowledge!
-Vicky Galczynski, “Speakie” & Volunteer with TSF, LGMD2J

A note on our Pinterest boards: Be sure to follow us! We hope you find helpful tips, tools, and tricks, and well as uplifting, faith building, and humorous posts. We are working to expand our “Tried and True Aids” board, so please comment here, send us a message on Facebook, or email thespeakfoundation@yahoo.com to share adaptive aids/tools that you’ve found helpful, so we can add them to this board! You can also share any disability “life hacks” that you’ve come up with! These aren’t aids that you can buy, but are unique ways that you’ve come up with to compensate or adapt! For example, have you built or rigged something unique to meet a need? Or do you use a tool in a completely different way than it is intended because it allows you to get a task done? If you’d like us to share your disability “life hack” on our board, you can take a picture to demonstrate it and email it to us (with stated permission to use your photograph) and we will post it!

Disclaimer: Not every aid on the boards will work for everyone with a NMD. Seek professional medical input regarding whether these products may be right for you. The Speak Foundation is not liable for any negative experience or injury.

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