2015 Conference Highlight: Dr. Bach on Respiratory Issues

2015 Conference Highlight: Dr. Bach on Respiratory Issues

2015 Conference Highlight: Dr. Bach on Respiratory Issues

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Acknowledgements: Andrea L. Klein was presented with a Personal Achievement Award at this year’s conference for contributing to the welfare of those with respiratory issues by creating a nonprofit Breathe with MD (Breathe With MD or search on facebook). We are so thankful to Andrea for taking the time to convert Dr. Bach’s lengthy, informative presentation into key points for MD patients to read and save as a helpful resource! We want those who are not able to attend our conference to still be able to benefit from information like this, which can be critical to the management of neuromuscular disease. That being said, TSF and Breathe with MD are both patient-run organizations. We are not medical experts and are not personally making recommendations. Please consult a medical professional.

During session one of our July conference this year, we were delighted to have Dr. John R. Bach with us to speak on Respiratory Issues and Neuromuscular Disease. You can view the document of key points here: Notes from Bach’s session at 2015 TSF Conference

Dr. Bach received his medical degree from the College of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in 1976. After completing his residency at NYU, Dr. Bach returned to the UMDNJ New Jersey Medical School in 1983 and has been on the faculty since. Rehabilitation of patients with neuromuscular disease, pulmonary disease, and home mechanical ventilation are the primary clinical focus of Dr. Bach, and he has authored more than 250 publications including 7 books on neuromuscular, pulmonary rehabilitation and noninvasive mechanical ventilation. He has lectured on these topics in over 30 countries. Visit http://www.doctorbach.com for more information.

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